Kaua‘i Steel Guitar Festival

Friday Kanikapila

A kanikapila was held in the Makai Room. Festival musicians were joined by hotel and festival guests in an evening of song and dance.

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  • As the kanikapila sets up, student steel player Ki'ileiah Jeffries receives some playing tips from Alan Akaka...
  • ...from Bobby Ingano...
  • ...and from Patti Maxine.
  • Patt's pleased at Ki'ileiah's progress.
  • Ki'ileiah is accompanied by Alan, Bobby, and Patti.
  • Kanikapila steel guitarists Bobby Ingano, Alan Akaka, and Patti Maxine.
  • The Kanikapila group starts to form. From the bottom clockwise: Nate Goore, Joseph Zayac, Bobby Ingano, Mālie Lyman, Alan Akaka, Patti Maxine, Enosa Lyman, Pono Fernandez, Tai Misailidis, James Mattern, Mark Gaponoff, Vickie Van Fechtmann, and Joe Stewart.
  • Heuʻi Bandmann with Kumu Hula Leihi’ilani Kirkpatrick.
  • Nate Goore and Joseph Zayac.
  • Tai Misailidis, Jim Mattern, Mark Gaponoff, and Joe Stewart.
  • Bobby Ingano and Mālie Lyman.
  • James Mattern.
  • Enosa Lyman.
  • Joseph Zayac, Bobby Ingano, Mālie Lyman, and Alan Akaka.
  • Kiʻileiah Jeffries and Ivo Garza.
  • Mālie and Alan.
  • Mark Gaponoff.
  • Joseph and Bobby enjoying themselves.
  • NextGen Pono Fernandez and Tai Misailidis.
  • Alan Akaka and Patti Maxine.
  • Bobby and Mālie.
  • Ivo Garza.
  • Heuʻi Bandmann dancing a hula.
  • Megan Held and Ethan Okura.
  • Aaron Benolkin and Bryan Jipping.
  • An unidentified kanikapila participant.
  • Mālie belting out a song while Alan plays the steel guitar.
  • Loren Tilley.
  • James Mattern.
  • Enosa Lyman.
  • Mālie Lyman.
  • Patti Maxine.
  • Pono Fernandez.
  • Dan Villani with Kumu Hula Leihi’ilani Kirkpatrick and Ross Miller.
  • Kumu Hula Leihi’ilani Kirkpatrick. Ross Miller, and Ivo Garza.
  • Joseph, Bobby, and Mālie.
  • Bobby Ingano having too much fun.
  • Joseph Zayac also enjoying himself.
  • Mark Gaponoff.
  • Heuʻi shared a song with Nate, Joseph and Bobby. Megan and Ethan are dancing in the background.
  • Patti Maxine shared a song with Alan on the steel guitar.
  • Pomaikaʻi Keawe also sang with Nate, Joseph, Bobby, and Mālie.
  • Pomaikaʻi Keawe.

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