Kaua‘i Steel Guitar Festival

Exhibit, Workshop, and Demonstration

The vintage steel guitar exhibit featured steel guitars from Geri Valdriz and others on display. The "Talk Story" workshop was guided by workshop participant questions and also included performances by the workshop leaders. The hands-on demonstration hosted by Daniel Tremblay offered hands-on steel guitar training to festival guests and was located at the festival sales and information table.

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  • The information desk, sales table, and hands-on experience.
  • Shirley Holu at the sales table.
  • Shirley and Linda Mentzer who was in charge of the store. Dan Tremblay offered the hands-on experience.
  • Linda Mentzer and Dan Tremblay.
  • The festival store offered T-shirts, steel guitar accessories, and Dr. John Troutmanʻs book, ''Kīkā Kila - How the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Changed the Sound of Modern Music.''
  • Artistsʻ CDs were also available for purchase at the festival store.
  • CDs on sale included a variety from Cord International, and artist CDs by Alan Akaka, Gary Aiko and Bobby Ingano that are not widely available.
  • Page 224 of Danʻs copy of John Troutmanʻs book shows a personalized message from Alan Akaka, who was interviewed for Johnʻs book and is pictured with Benny Kalama and Sonny Kanahele.
  • Daniel Tremblay describing a lap steel guitar.
  • Some of the steel guitars on exhibit. Photo by Alan Akaka.
  • More steel guitars on display. Photo by Alan Akaka.
  • A Rickenbacher A22 Frypan.
  • A Rickebnacher Silver Hawaiian.
  • An Oahu Symphony.
  • The exhibit was curated by steel guitarist Geri Valdriz.
  • Dave ʻʻDKʻʻ Kolars looks at a steel guitar oddity.
  • Dave holds an Epiphone Electar Model M lap steel guitar made of art deco steel.
  • A Dickerson Student Model.
  • A closer look at the Rickenbacher Silver Hawaiian. Some models were stuffed with newspaper to dampen the sound produced by the metal body.
  • The Epiphone Electar Model M. Rickenbacher sued Epiphone over the design and use of the horseshoe magnet without paying royalties.
  • Another vintage Rickenbacher Fry Pan model.
  • The Dickerson Student Model featured a MOTS (Mother of Toilet Seat) finish that was similar to oilet seats that had marbled finishes.
  • A closer look at the Oahu Symphony. This guitar was sold by Oahu Publishing Co. as a student model to help market their steel guitar courses.
  • A handcrafted Acoustic Steel made by luthier and steel guitarist Dave ʻʻDKʻʻ Kolars who also used the instrument in his performance.
  • A Rickenbacher Bakelite with chrome plates. The body is made of the same material bowling balls are made of. Later models featured white plastic plates and were called ʻʻPandas.ʻʻ
  • A closer look at the lookalike horseshoe pickup on the Electar Model M, designed by Epihpone which closely mimicked the patented design of the horseshoe pickups used on Rickenbacherʻs steel guitars.
  • Geri Valdriz and Larry Holu at the exhibit table.
  • Fridayʻs workshop was a ʻʻtalk storyʻʻ session featuring Bobby Ingano, Alan Akaka, and Patti Maxine performing and answering workshop attendee questions.
  • Alan and Patti Maxine.
  • Bobby, Alan, and Patti.

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